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Here are my essays in English:

Can You Trust the Shia Islamic clergies in Iran?

The leaders of Islamic Republic of Iran are Shia Islamic clergies. Without understanding the religious and theoretical bases of their faiths and educations, perception and prediction of their words and deeds are impossible. Although, one researcher has said ‘lying is an unavoidable part of human nature’, but to resonate and justify the laying belong to Iranian Shia Islamic clerics. To understand better the words and deeds of Iranian Shia clergymen, who are real leaders of Iran, not the formal government like President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, to familiarize with some of the most important tools and concepts that they use for justification of their laying, rhetoric and actions are very helpful:

  • Good intention lying [Douroqe Maslehet-aamiz, دروغ مصلحت‌آمیز]
  • Protective lying [Taqiyya, تقیه]
  • Ambiguous truth [Tovriyya, توریه]
  • Religious tricks [Kolah-e sharei, کلاه شرعی]
  • Following [Taqlid, تَقْليد]
  • Verdict [Fatwaa, فتوا‎]

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